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The purpose of this site is to share free information about didgeridoo and didgeridoo playing.

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We are building an index for didgeridoo teachers and players worldwide, so if you are looking for a didgeridoo lesson or want to record a didgeridoo player somewhere on this planet we hope you will be able to find the nearest one to your location on this site!

We are Didgridoo players and fans of this magical tube, it changed our lives and keeps being major part in the way we live, the musical effect is on side of it and the meditative breathing techniques is the other, The Aboriginal people in Australia use the didgeridoo (Yidaki) for tribal ceremonies and gatherings, it gets people together, dancing and singing.

To learn more (highly recommended) about origins of Didgeridoo and about the indigenous wisdom of Aboriginal culture, check out the following Wikipedia links:


Aboriginal Australian

We wish to share the sound of the didgeridoo as far as it will travel and make it available for everyone with an internet connection to enjoy this site!


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