DPVL - Didgeridoo pro video lessons

We are Didg players & fans and we want to make this very special instrument played by more people around the world, we feel that there is a magical effect that happens when you play Didg because of the way you create unique sounds with conscious breathing, DPVL is a FREE program in SIMPLE language to learn how to play in an easy and fast way! Enjoy!

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  • Gautheir Aube – Interview

    Keep your mind open – at the beginning when you know nothing “your glass” is empty and you can fill it easily, when It starts to be half full, we say “Yes, I know this.. I know that…” that’s the exact moment when learning is stopped…

  • Pranayama

    Didg & Pranayama

    When we play didgeridoo we are controlling our breath to produce sounds. And if you circular breath our system works in a continues flow of low and over tonic frequencies that are unique to the didgeridoo.

  • Wax on Wax off

    Every once in awhile I hear people asking about beeswax mouthpiece, sometimes it’s asking if I have some wax for them and some ask what is better to buy, a didgeridoo with or without a wax mouthpiece, I hope this little post can shed some light on the topic.

  • Kids and Didgs

    “Hi Kids, Check out what I brought for you today!” (Taking the Didg out of its case with a wide grin), “It’s a very, very special musical instrument that comes from a far, far away country called Australia; its name is funny got a funny name, it’s called “Didgeridoo”, or you can use the short…