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Hi there lovely people
I am Loic from Spain. … although living in Brussels. Been playing didje since 1997 learning first on my own then with different players around the world in didje festivals, workshops etc. I give didje lessons and also craft didjeridoos (Termitadidjes) with Split and hollow technique. But I mainly focus on traditional yidaki from northeast Arnhem Land, I import top quality yidaki from Arnhem land,  it s one of the ways to give back to aboriginal people and comunities. … they gave us the didjeridoo in the first place! Let s not forgive that.
I also translate (books, articles and other) trying to increase awareness about indigenous issues.
I have an online Shop http://www.termitadidjes.com where I sell didjeridoos  (termitadidjes and yidaki mainly). Visitors to Belgium can find me in Brussels.

roman 071_002.jpg
Scharnagelnstrasse 3A, Niederbipp, Switzerland

I’m playing since the end of the 1990’s. I perform, teach, give workshops and do some sound therapy’s.

I also am an organizer of the Swiss Didgeridoo Festival “Swizzeridoo”.


I play since 2001 now. I love didg, I love play on stage and for fun. I love teach also what I understood after all those years !

Kfar Monash, Israel

Didg player & YouDidgeridoo Co-founder.

Feel free to be in touch – would love to hear everything you have to say or play.

There is always a place to Didg!!!


I was born in the Spring of 1986 in Tomar , a small city in the center of Portugal.
I play and experiment different musical instruments, but I developed my main musical work around the Didgeridoo and percussion .
When I was 20 years old I moved to Lisbon the capital of Portugal, where i began studying Sound, a subject that was very important to continue my musical work in different artistic backgrounds.
Was in 2008 that i discovered the APD (Associação Portuguesa de Didgeridoo) and the Didgeridoo Residence in Portugal, a place that forever changed the way i would see the Didgeridoo and Aboriginal art and Culture.
I’ve started playing Didgeridoo around 10 years ago actually ,I’ve been all that time getting to know better my musicality , with no expectations and no future plans besides loving the moment forever.
By this principles, i could gain will and motivation needed to improve my playability.
Over the time i came across wonderful Didgeridoo people around the World and i like to think that my influences are from all of those.

Lies glenn.jpg
Pieter Zeemanlaan 8/1 1097 KC Amsterdam
  • Feel free to contact me for lessons and workshops, I have been teaching didg in various places, in Amsterdam at Aboriginal Art & Instruments, WMSA (World Music School Amsterdam), master classes at Didgeridooschool Rotterdam, and teaching workshops all over the world. I been playing since 1993 and I have performed with “3ple-D” (Holland), Tribal Dance (Israel), Loonaloop (Australia), Dj Tiësto and many more. Make sure to check out my website and connect with me on Facebook! 
Ortal PR Didg.jpg
Israel shoshant ha amakim

Hi, I’m Ortal and I’m a didgeridoo player and used to make didgeridoos in the past, Meeting this instrument changed my life and gave me a deep feeling and understanding of music and my breathing, I also think it really helped me with playing on the other instruments I play and love.  I deliver workshops and lessons around the world and perform solo and with my band “ONOGANA”

I’m the co founder of this site and proud to be on a mission to make didgeridoo more accessible to the world !

Thanks for visiting the site and my profile,


Ortal 🙂

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