Koekelberg, Belgium
4 Place Eugène Simonis Koekelberg Bruxelles 1081 BE

Hi there lovely people
I am Loic from Spain. … although living in Brussels. Been playing didje since 1997 learning first on my own then with different players around the world in didje festivals, workshops etc. I give didje lessons and also craft didjeridoos (Termitadidjes) with Split and hollow technique. But I mainly focus on traditional yidaki from northeast Arnhem Land, I import top quality yidaki from Arnhem land,  it s one of the ways to give back to aboriginal people and comunities. … they gave us the didjeridoo in the first place! Let s not forgive that.
I also translate (books, articles and other) trying to increase awareness about indigenous issues.
I have an online Shop http://www.termitadidjes.com where I sell didjeridoos  (termitadidjes and yidaki mainly). Visitors to Belgium can find me in Brussels.

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